Sinai is a profoundly important place; its cultural, religious and natural history are rich, varied and valued world-wide. However, South Sinai's terrain consists of dry mountains and desert, and for those who live and work here, life can be isolated, hard and uncertain. Worst affected are Bedouin communities, who lack access to basic services and employment opportunities, and whose lives have been altered greatly by environmental change and the commercial expansion of tourism.

The South Sinai Foundation works to help combat these uncertainties, working towards sustainable development that will generate lasting benefits for its people. It works in partnership with the Community Foundation for South Sinai (al mo'assessa-t-al ahliya lijanoub sina'), an established, Egyptian-registered charity (el Tur: 2006 -02) comprised of British, Egyptian and Bedouin collaborators and residents of St Katherine in Sinai, where it is based, all working toward the sustainable development of Bedouin communities across the peninsula of South Sinai. SSF shares with them a commitment to sustainable, culturally appropriate and environmentally friendly development, based on sound research wherever possible.

Many people visit this wonderful place and are filled with admiration for the Bedu, who negotiate the hardships of their homeland with skill, patience, humour and dignity. Visitors often want to make a gift to help the Bedu - but they don't know how. Whom can they trust? How do they know their gift will get to people who need it most? Knowing few or no local people, and with no information on local charities, their best intentions often go astray.

Now, their problem is solved. The partnership between the South Sinai Foundation and the mo'assessa means that wherever you are in the world you can make a secure donation to SSF, while knowing our expertise and contacts in the mo'assessa will get your help to the heart of desert communities most in need.

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Map of South Sinai showing the few roads and urban settlements. Most of these are on the coast, including the popular holiday destination of Sharm el Sheikh. Bedu tend to live outside developed areas, in the coastal hinterland, or in the high mountains and wadis of the central massif.

You can find out more about South Sinai from the mo'assessa website.

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