Our Board

The South Sinai Foundation (SSF) is run on an entirely voluntary basis for the purpose of raising awareness and holding funds for work in South Sinai. Our board of trustees mostly comprises people who have visited, lived and worked in South Sinai for many years, and who share a commitment to improving the lives of its people.

Dr Hilary Gilbert - Executive Chair

Formerly Executive Director, Derbyshire Community Foundation, UK, and trustee of Community Foundation Network UK. Hilary is a Research Fellow of the University of Nottingham (UK), researching and writing on the changing lives and livelihoods of South Sinai Bedu. She was formerly executive director of Derbyshire Community Foundation, and trustee of Community Foundation Network UK. A co-founder of both foundations, Hilary also chairs the mo'assessa.
Mobile (Egypt) 00 20(0)10 102 10647
Mobile (UK) 00 44 (0)7837401803 (English / Arabic)
Landline (UK) 00 44 (0)1476 585979

Dr Francis Gilbert - Trustee

Professor of Ecology at the University of Nottingham (UK). International Co-ordinator of the BioMAP project in Cairo 2005-7. Francis has been researching the ecology of South Sinai for almost thirty years. He is also a co-founder and trustee of the mo'assessa.
Mobile (UK) 00 44 (0)79507 89507
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Lucy Gilbert - Trustee

Lucy has a first degree in Social Anthropology from Cambridge University (UK) and an MA in Development Studies from the IDPM, University of Manchester (UK). She currently works for Quartet Community Foundation in Bristol.
Mobile (UK) 0044 7855 985541

Nicola Dalby - Treasurer

With a first degree in Art & Design, Nicola's long career in community development includes leading Community Foundations, and has been focussed on empowering and protecting young people. She is currently Business Manager for Safe & Sound, Derby.

Rev Dr Michael J Reiss - Trustee

Professor of Science Education, Institute of Education, University of London, UK. Michael has studied and supervised research into Bedouin approaches to the environment. Details available here

Dr Mike James - Trustee

Senior Management Team, Aldi Supermarkets. Mike researched the endangered Sinai Baton Blue butterfly, found only in St Katherine's high mountains, for his doctorate. Details available here