About the Foundation
The South Sinai Foundation (SSF) exists to mobilize the varied resources of people who live in or care about South Sinai's unique environment. SSF raises and holds funds for the Egyptian-registered Community Foundation for South Sinai (known in Arabic as the mo'assessa) and gives active support to its work. Registered in April 2009 in the UK (reg no 1128955), it shares two of its founder trustees with the mo'assessa. SSF offers tax-effective giving to UK tax-payers, and provides a trusted mechanism for international donors to support development in South Sinai. It is regulated under the UK charity law and accounting system.

SSF was set up to solve a practical problem. While in Egypt, anyone wishing to support the Bedu, whether Egyptian or from overseas, can donate directly to the mo'assessa. However, once they have left Egypt the process becomes complicated and bureaucratic, leading to frustration and delays. As many of those who wished to help it were visitors from overseas, the mo'assessa was losing valuable support. Now, SSF makes it easy for them to give. The partnership is beneficial in several ways. Firstly, it enables international donors to support work in Sinai promptly and conveniently. Second, it enables UK taxpayers to use Gift Aid to donate tax-effectively. It ensures that donated funds are held and accounted for in the UK, allowing SSF full control of monies donated outside Egypt. This means we can promise donors that their money will be used solely for support and development in South Sinai Bedouin communities. Finally, it enables us to attract funding for innovative work that it would be hard for the mo'assessa to access without external help.

SSF makes it easy to support South Sinai!